1.         BSF has established itself as a professional and efficient organization discharging its duties with dedication and with full awareness of its responsibilities in safeguarding human rights and law of the land. Its constant vigil on the border, despite all the challenges has made a tangible impact in accelerating the development process in the border areas.


  2.        Many Bordermen have laid down their lives in the line of duty in over four decades of deployment of BSF.I take this opportunity to pay homage to them. Their sacrifice has played a great role in the ushering in a climate of peace and progress in the state, especially in the border belt.



  3.       Tripura shares a long International Border (IB) with Bangladesh. The IB runs through harsh and inhospitable areas, full of dense forests and deep gorges. Some of the areas are only accessible by air. Hot and humid climatic conditions and heavy rains and dense under growth, mosquitoes and poisonous insects pose further challenges.


  4.        For over four decades, the Bordermen in Tripura have faced these challenges as a part of their duty. The present scenario, un-explored, harsh and inhospitable areas of border are being opened up by developing border roads. Illegal trans-border activities in developed areas are being checked with the erection of border fencing and flood lights and the threat of insurgency has been contained by blocking access of the miscreants across the border.


  5.        Special efforts are being made to improve the working environment of the Bordermen on the border. Construction of composite BOPs with all basic amenities, execution of BADP projects for the community and development of border roads and border flood lighting are all focused towards enhancing the efficiency and improving the quality of life of the Bordermen and the border population.


  6.        The primary role of the BSF is to effectively dominate the border belt and promote a sense of security in the border population. Introduction of modern equipment like day and night surveillance devices, modern weaponry, greater mobility and secure communications being used on the border as force multipliers, has empowered the Bordermen to effectively dominate their area of responsibility despite the above mentioned challenges.


  7.        It is a matter of great pride for me to head the Frontier. I assure all Bordermen of the Frontier that their safety, security and welfare shall be my top most priority at all times. All steps to improve the working conditions on the border will be taken.


  8.         Let us rededicate ourselves to fulfill the confidence reposed in us by the country in protecting the sanctity of the borders of our motherland and to ensure peace and tranquility for our countrymen living in the border belt.


             I wish everyone all the best.